Poem: Diversity


I believe, that diversity is a part of the natural order of things -as natural as the trillion shapes and shades of the flowers of spring or the leaves of autumn. I believe, that diversity brings new solutions to an ever-changing environment, and that sameness is not only uninteresting but limiting. To deny diversity is to deny life. With all its richness and manifold opportunities. Thus I affirm my citizenship in a world of diversity, and with it the responsibility to... Be tolerant. Live and let live. Understand that those who cause no harm should not be feared, ridiculed, or harmed - even if they are different. Look for the best in others. Be just in my dealings, with poor and rich, weak and strong, And whenever possible to defend the young, the old, the frail, the defenseless. Be kind, remembering how fragile the human spirit is. Live the examined life, subjecting my motives and actions to the scrutiny of mind and heart so to rise above prejudice and hatred. Care. - Gene Griessman
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