Support Mixed Remixed Festival

The Mixed Remixed Festival is an annual film, book and performance festival that celebrates stories of the mixed-race and multiracial experience.  

Hundreds of people came from far and wide for celebration, connection and community. Join us for the 3rd annual Mixed Remixed Festival June 10 and 11, 2016.  Registration is now open. 

Please consider donating to the Festival you love.  This is an all-volunteer project.  We beg, borrow and barter for everything we can, but many things still cost money.  Plus, we offer this festival for FREE to all of you!

To learn more check out the 2016 Indiegogo Campaign that raised $10,803.

You can still help support the project by Donating HERE!

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Hispanics are becoming America's largest minority


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Watch this great Ted Talk on unconscious bias - brief but impactful!

This is a quick little Ted Talk on unconscious bias--I love Helen's examples! The whole thing made me think about the blue and black (or white and gold) dress. Of which, I still don't know how to process... Enjoy!

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New Book by Author Matt Salesses: Different Racisms

Different Racisms

An article "How the Rules of Racism Are Different for Asian Americans", was shared over a million times on Facebook and has grown into a book. See on

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Who Was the Real Dido Elizabeth Belle?

What historical records say about the mixed-race heroine of a new film.
Have you seen the movie yet? If not, do you plan on it? I sure do! See on
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How Privileged Are You? Check And See...

privilege This will really make you think. If it doesn't, it should. Take the quiz
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Book: Split at the Root - A Memoir on Transracial Adoption

Catana Tully explores questions of race, adoption and identity, not as the professor of cultural studies that she became, but as the Black child of German settlers in Guatemala who called her their “little Moor.”
You can find the book on amazon: Split at the Root: A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity Catana Tully is also an Adoption Couseling Expert--see more about her work at
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63 Black Harvard Students Share Their Experiences In A Powerful Photo Project

 Read more about the project here:
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Our Kids Are Becoming More Racially Diverse, But Our Cancer Treatments Aren’t Keeping Up

Flier being circulated to help Baylor find a bone marrow donor
Seven-year-old Baylor needs a multiracial bone marrow donor to hep treat his leukemia. But that's easier said than done.
Only two percent of mixed race children find a match on the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Find out what's being done (and what you can do about it):
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14 photo's that will make you think MLK's dream came true

[caption id="attachment_2092" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Cindy Boecking[/caption] Great blog post by TODAY Mom's that featured some of our local families! Enjoy! Your friends at “Like Us” on Facebook!
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