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Poem: I Am Invisible

I Am Invisible ~by Haley Thurman I am invisible I hate to be invisible I am invisible Do you think I am invisible? I think you think I am invisible You can't see me You can't see Haley I am a girl I am biracial and half white Is it the white in me you don't like? Is it my black that's invisible to you? I have brown hair and brown eyes My lips are red My shirt is yellow But you don't see me because I am invisible Or are you blind? This was originally on Oprah in November, 1999. Below is the video and interesting segment of being biracial in America (includes singer, Mariah Carey). Maybe we can get an update on Oprah's #wherearetheynow.  I find it sad that there are still such negative comments written today...your thoughts? Enjoy! Your friends at

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Radio Interview on Mixed Race Radio 9/19 at 12:00 EST

Dates have changed--catch me 9/19 on Mixed Race Radio with Tiffany Reid at 12:00 EST! UPDATE: Tiffany has many great guests so listen to them all! However, here's a link to my actual episode.
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13 Days and $5646 Needed, Will YOU Help?

We have been given lots of favor in the last 24 hours! We are going to be able to move forward with our manufacturer with a smaller budget AND Indiegogo truly wants us to succeed! They have allowed us to cut our goal to $10,000!! This is AMAZING NEWS! Please help us continue to get the word out about this great teaching tool! Every little bit helps! $1, $5, truly anything you can give! Will you help us keep this work going? And share it with friends? Diversity Jellybean Campaign (might I add that crowdfunding is definitely not for the faint of heart!)
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