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Poem: I Am Invisible by Haley Thurman

I am invisible

I hate to be invisible

I am invisible

Do you think I am invisible?

I think you think I am invisible

You can’t see me

You can’t see Haley

I am a girl

I am biracial and half white

Is it the white in me you don’t like?

Is it my black that’s invisible to you?

I have brown hair and brown eyes

My lips are red

My shirt is yellow

But you don’t see me because I am invisible

Or are you blind?


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Radio Interview on Mixed Race Radio with Tiffany Reid

Check out Mixed Race Radio with Tiffany Reid! Tiffany has many great guests so listen to them all! Here's a link to my episode.
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13 Days and $5646 Needed, Will YOU Help?

We have been given lots of favor in the last 24 hours! We are going to be able to move forward with our manufacturer with a smaller budget AND Indiegogo truly wants us to succeed! They have allowed us to cut our goal to $10,000!! This is AMAZING NEWS! Please help us continue to get the word out about this great teaching tool! Every little bit helps! $1, $5, truly anything you can give! Will you help us keep this work going? And share it with friends? Diversity Jellybean Campaign (might I add that crowdfunding is definitely not for the faint of heart!)
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