Customer Reviews of Diversity Beans

The jellybeans were a hit! We used the jellybeans in several training sessions with junior, mid and senior level personnel and the attendees really enjoyed the exercise. It was a good training tool regarding diversity which was well received and enjoyed by all.

Employees love the concept of “you can’t judge a bean by its color”! They love to bite into a jellybean and try to determine what flavor they are. It leaves a good taste in their mouth (literally) about the topic of diversity!

We have found that the diversity jellybeans are a quick hit! They help us keep diversity front and forward! Thank you for a great product!

The Diversity Jellybean tins are an excellent way to begin to have the discussion about diversity and culture in the workplace. Each tin was labeled with a message that provoked further thought and discussion.

This is the second time I've ordered the jellybeans. We use them to teach the kids in our youth group (children in grades 6-8) about diversity and not judging people. They all pick the jellybean of their choice and then hold on to it until all have chosen. All at once they eat them and their reactions are great! This is truly a great teaching tool!

This product was exactly what we had been looking for to use as a give away at some of the events we attend. Our office name is on one side of the insert, with a statement promoting inclusiveness on the other. In hindsight, it might have been better to have the office name on the outside so people can see who we are.

We LOVE the saying on the tin and that the jellybeans are truly diverse! Thank you for branding the tin with our company logo! You did a GREAT job--we will be back!! 

A few months ago I “discovered” your diversity jelly beans while browsing the web. I ordered some to use in our teachers’ training in August. They were a hit! Since then we have used them with parents, students (5th & 6th graders), and teachers. What a wonderful tool they are! I always cite the source and encourage others to use them! Keep up the good work!

The diversity jellybeans are such a unique training tool! I had many employees tell me how much they enjoyed them! We WILL be back!

I received my jelly beans today. They will be a wonderful visual reminder of my diversity presentation. Blessings to your company as you continue to bring awareness.

Simple, easy, fun way to keep the diversity message going! Thank you for such a great product!

The beans went over VERY well and are a great training tool in the class. 

Diversity Jelly Beans are a wonderful tool to use as an introduction to a diversity presentation.

Thank you very much!!! The jellybean activity went so well! I love your website and have recommended it to my friends/colleagues who do this work. You are making a difference!

What a FABULOUS way to show everyone that "What you See is not Always What you Get," and it was through a little bean. I have been doing Human Resources for years and had more fun and my employees had a great time trying to figure out what the flavor was for each bean. They also had the opportunity to discuss differences we all have through Diversity. This was FABULOUS.