Reviews Summary

"Employees love the concept of "You can't judge a bean by its color"! They love to bite into a jellybean and try to determine what flavor they are. It leaves a good taste in their mouth (literally) about the topic of diversity!" Shelia
"Wow!  You guys are fast!  Thank you!" A. Edpao 
"Way to go! I was so impressed with your website and plan to visit it often. Thanks for "stepping out" and making this happen. I will certainly tell my other "rainbow family" friends about you!!!" M. Jones 
"A few months ago I "discovered" your Diversity Jelly Beans while browsing the web. I ordered some to use in our teachers' training in August. They were a hit! Since then we have used them with parents, students, and teachers. What a wonderful tool they are! I always cite the source and encourage other to use them! Keep up the good work!" 
"Just a short note of thanks for attempting to make this world a better place to live...may your work bring you happiness, satisfaction, strength, and prosperity!! Good luck!" Tina 
"WOW!!!!  That is just a great story.  I was like you when I became a mother of Korean children, I searched and searched for dolls and anything I could find to represent not only Asian children, but all different races.  I really like your things!" L. Yeary 
"I wanted to let you know that my father-in-law loves his sweatshirt! Thank you for getting it there so quickly. Thanks!" Kim 
"Thanks for getting back to me.  I love your website! We are an adoptive, multicultural family (one daughter born in Korea, one daughter born in Vietnam). Thanks for carrying such great merchandise and such a wonderful message.  I have bookmarked your webpage!" R. Ottman 
"Greetings! We are so happy to discover you and are passing your website onto others in the multiracial community. Your professional yet personal website fills a unique niche we have been seeking." G. Yancey 
"Wow! What GREAT service!  I am impressed!  I love your website and have already recommended it to MANY of my friends.  I will spread the word--we intercultural families are always looking for wonderful diversity products. Thanks again!" C. Kent 
"Thank you for your honesty and referral to another company that can meet my current need, I look forward to doing business with you in the future." Pat 
"We're in the process of adopting our daughter from China so I will look forward to placing more orders for our home with you. Thanks for your quick reply!" Kim 
"I got my cards and love them....they are so diverse with the different ethnicity’s and darling designs. I am a foster parent here in Washington, part of a larger organization of support groups. Our foster and adopted children are so diverse in color and culture, and your products would fit our many needs. Thank you!!" G. Cazinha 
"I just want to take the time and tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your site.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I have a multicultural family and I could relate to every picture I saw.  Thank you for promoting - LOVE of any race."  K. Latson 
"Everything has arrived, and as you promised--everything is perfect!  Thanks so much for getting these to me pronto!  I know there will be a lot of happy foster parents when they receive these gifts." B. Pedrotty 
"A wonderful website, I must congratulate your team on a great job.  You've covered the bases from intuitive navigation, clean design, to carefully selective products vs. collecting all things multicultural.  Wonderful!" L. Lam 
"The wall paper arrived and looks great.  Thanks so much.  I will pass your web site on to friends and acquaintances." Cherie 
"I just wanted to thank you for "jumping through hoops" to get my order to me by June 11th.  Everything arrived and is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I have passed the URL on to other Moms and will continue to do so.  What great stuff!! Thanks again!!" Susan


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